Sydney Underbelly Arts: The Future of the Arts

Photos by Jacob Hiller.

Photo by Jacob Hiller  

The Spectacle that Unfolded at Cockatoo Island

Set against the spectacular beauty of Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbor,the Sydney Underbelly Arts unfolds right before your eyes. For two days, more than 100 artists who worked for over 25 projects transformed the area with their innovative and experimental artworks and performances. Many say that the event simply reveals the future of art. For a couple of days, plenty of activities were set up, awesome projects for people of all ages were launched and interesting workshops were put into motion.

Photo by Jacob Hiller 

The Exhibit of Myriads of Crafts and Artworks

This was one of the most exciting events that happened. Decaying machines from the past centuries came back with life. Ghost stories become real and love affairs are played in real time. Most of these artworks are installed interactively and can be explored either alone or with your buddies through a tour. Moreover, everybody relaxed to the great tunes while hanging around in the Festival Bar.

Photo by Jacob Hiller 

Perhaps the audience who really enjoyed the event was the children and the teens because of the many activities and stuffs that were prepared for them. One was the Yoga for Kids that started the kid’s day by having a basic stretching in tune with the sweet live tracks. The children’s parents also joined in the exercises while other parents enjoyed watching their kids kick start their day. Another activity that was superbly enjoyed by teens was the Teen-Guided Walk and Talk that was organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia’s Young Creative Program.

Photo by Jacob Hiller 

First held in Carriageworks in 2007

This event has introduced Sydney to many artists in photography, architecture, music, bands and many other genres of art forms. The best part of this festival in relation to the art exhibits is that a two-week Lab was held on the island where artists flock together for the intensive period creation in which any art form may emerge.This event surely gives artists the freedom to take risks and play around with their ideas.

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