Six Reasons Why It’s Great to Be a Toddler in Edinburgh…And One Reason Why It’s Not

1. Free Museums

national museum scotland outside

national museum scotland

The cost of living in Scotland is notorious, but one small compensation is that many museums are free-and they’re really geared towards kids. This is the national museum of Scotland with a floor dedicated to science.

2. Quick and Easy Grocery Stores

Besides the co-operatives which are basic little shops that have everything you might need, there are also Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean, and Russian grocery stores. They are so small, quick, and convenient that the suffering for Ryder at having to go grocery shopping is fairly painless—and therefore it was for me, too. Living in Leith, pictured below, was really easy that way.


3. All Kinds of Shopping

We got his toilet training potty at the department store John Lewis which has just about anything you could possibly need. There are second hand shops EVERYWHERE in Scotland—cheapness being a legacy of the Scottish—so we got clothes and toys for Ryder for just a few pounds. We went to Gumtree, similar to Craigslist, to find a car seat. Here’s Ryder at the Ocean Terminal mall:

mall edinburgh

4. Library Within Walking Distance

Edinburgh is a UNESCO City of Literature, and there are libraries everywhere. It was easy to get a temporary kid’s library card. We used an advertisement from a cellphone company with our address on it to get the card. There are no fees ever for late books on a kids card. And there are activities organized just like in the States through the library for kids.

ryder library

5. Play Groups

For a donation of one or two euros, you can get together with other parents, have hot drinks and cookies, and watch your kid tear through toys like no tomorrow. They’re usually organized through churches or community centers. Check out netmums to find the closest one to you. We actually made a friend for Ryder through the Courchsurfing community as well.

friend in edinburgh

6. Playgrounds in Beautiful Surroundings

ryder dragon

Edinburgh is one of the prettiest cities I’ve ever been to.

Here’s where being a toddler is not fun in Scotland:

It’s deathly cold, and when you’re a toddler who is always trying to remove clothing even if it’s SNOWING outside, it means you can catch cold. Next time we’ll try to go during the summer.

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