What Halloween is Like in Cusco, Peru

Ryder had a party at his jardin. The parents were invited to share desserts. I invited neighbor L to come with us. He was cutely sitting with his friend Liam, but promptly started to cry when he saw me. And didn’t stop until he could leave with me. I wonder how much longer this stage will last, where he prefers my company to his friend’s? It was chaos inside with nowhere to sit. We walked to Leonora’s friend’s house to eat our desserts. One was too sweet, one was too salty, but one was just right-dulce de leche. Gotta try to make it myself.

The day before Halloween, we went to a 25 sole Halloween haunted house for kids at Acadamia Maywa, which was surprisingly well done.


Ryder cried a bit at first, but agreed to go in when Dadu put on his scary mask. By the end Ryder was laughing and dancing.



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We went trick-or-treating. Neighbor came with us. She’d never gone before. I think Ryder got just 10 pieces of candy. But he was saying, “That’s so nice! That’s so sweet!” and he also gave candy to other kids. I love that he didn’t get two pounds of candy, and that he doesn’t realize he got gypped American-speaking.

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We went store-to-store on the plaza, and it wasn’t easy to tell who had candy to give and who didn’t. We just had to ask at each doorway. All the other kids said, “Halloween!” instead of ‘trick or treat!’

Ryder fell asleep in the taxi ride home. It took an hour instead of 15 minutes. The amount of pedestrians in the streets kept traffic at a stand still.


We then had a mini party at Jacob’s office with a few friends. We talked about how there is a clash now in Cusco because historically Oct 31 was a Peruvian music festival and it’s changing now.

I made some Halloween themed treats like banana ghosts and oreo spiders, which got squashed as I had to walk thirty minutes after the taxi driver got tired of sitting in traffic and kicked me out.


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