48 Hours in Prague With a Toddler

Prague felt like it had more tourists than locals in it, which is unusual for a capital city of over a million people.

There’s a reason why: It’s gorgeous.

And though I’ve been before, this time around I really appreciated it a lot more, because it was SO kid-friendly. Apparently, Czechs love kids. They picked him up, gave him candy, and oohed and aahed over him so much that he didn’t even have time to shout “No!” (his current reaction to most strangers.)

Where to Stay:

IMG_3303Aparthotel Davids was awesome. It had a huge breakfast, included. It was in a great location. The place was kept spotless. The staff wasn’t the most smiley, but, nevertheless. I’d stay there again for ony $35/night. I used Booking.com.


What to eat:

DSC05328It’s not always easy to go vegetarian in meat-heavy Central Europe. Jacob tried the pig’s knee. I went for potato pancakes and cabbage salad.




Where to Go After Dark:

Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square at nighttime is magic.



What NOT to Do

What was NOT magic was taking a toddler to the Czech museum of music. Website here: http://www.nm.cz/Hlavni-strana/Visit-Us/Czech-Museum-of-Music.html?xSET=lang&xLANG=2 

Have you ever taken a twenty month old to walk around three floors of invaluable ancient instruments on display often without glass cases? Well, if not, you’re in for a treat! We ran through the displays in an attempt to avoid touching anything. However, there was a token small table at the entrance with colored pencils which Ryder made use of. He asked for “nandy” to the lady at the front desk and despite speaking Czech, she knew what he meant. “Bon bon!” she said, smiling, and went and got him a Mentos.


Recommended walk:

Take the subway (don’t worry, it’s easy to navigate, just bring some coins to purchase your ticket from a machine) to Vysehrad and visit the cemetery where Dvorak and Smetana are buried. It’s a long hike up to the top of a hill, but the church and views are worth it.


This could go as a pose in a magazine, except it’s in front of a tombstone. Weird.

Then walk along the river back to the city center. See the Dancing House designed by Frank Gehry on the way. Sorry Ryder. I hope you can forgive me for not waking you up when we walked by this work of art.


If you have some spare time

We enjoyed the little culinary museum that explores the history of food. It offers honey wine as the most ancient wine ever made. The curator provided Ryder with a giant spoon in which to swing around wildly next to the exhibition. “A future chef!” she cooed. Here’s the website: http://www.muzeumgastronomie.cz/en/home


Prague: A Kid-Worthy Destination?

Traveling with kids can change your perception of a place. I liked Prague more the second go round because they loved kids so much and gave him candy, hugs, and toys…Yes it’s the most touristy capital city I think I’ve ever visited, but especially if you’ve got littles, I give it a high rating.

Kalli Hiller

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