Everything You Need to Know On How To Visit Tallinn, St Petersburg, Helsinski and Stockholm With St Peter Line


We visited four countries in four days. If you’re a country box checker then there’s no quicker way. To top off the good news, it’s very affordable and very easy.


Here’s how we did it:

I began by emailing a couple of companies. Scandinavian Lines offered a cabin for 600-700 euros. I was ready to pay that price. Then I discovered St Peter Line. I thought it was just a ferry, but it is a cruise line as well.

I went to the office at the port in Tallinn. It looked closed, but knocking on the window brought someone. There are offices in each of the other cities, I believe. You can depart from any city and it does not have to be round trip. We chose not to return to Tallinn.

Office location:

It only leaves twice a week, not daily, so be sure to reserve in advance.



For a cabin without a window, we paid $353.15 for the three of us. However, I think I would upgrade to having a window next time. It was a little claustrophobic when the boat was rocking me to sleep, and additionally there was no way to tell night from day there, for three people already confused by time zones that is not helpful.


We only had about 7 hours in each destination. This, of course, is the downside of cruise travel. I was positively thirsty for more time in St Petersburg, Helsinski was a bit of a blur, and Stockholm we did get to spend the night before heading out but that place was so fairytale-esque it was just cruel to leave so quickly.




They were nearly all bouncer looking unsmiling 7 foot tall men. Don’t forget your pass or they won’t let you back on the boat.





All extra. We splurged on the 25 euro buffet. Jacob loved the caviar, but my experience with cruise food has been less than stellar. All you can eat of it doesn’t make it any more tantalizing.


There was a kids playroom, free for kids up to 7 and additional cost for older kids. Ryder never tired of it.IMG_5552


Also free for kids Ryder’s age, and 10 euros for an adult pass including the gym.


Didn’t try purchasing it so can’t say how fast it was, but it was available.


Glimpses of St Petersburg

Savior on the Spilled Blood Church, Tchaikovsky and Dostovsky’s graves, cherry dumplings, extremely deep metros, Russian dolls, and Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

  IMG_5400 IMG_5386


IMG_5398 IMG_5434

 IMG_5404   IMG_5515

 IMG_5496   IMG_5526 


Glimpses of Helsinski

UNESCO World Heritage site Suomenlinna fort, taking a circular route around the whole city by streetcar, original compositions by Jean Sibelius, funky statues, free City Museum, and reindeer meatballs at a seaside market








Glimpses of Stockholm

Boysenberry pancakes, Astrid amusement theme park, visiting the Vasa ship museum, Nobel Prize museum, sleeping on the STF Chapman: a restored-from-1947 city landmark docked ship, and a smorgasbord

IMG_5777 IMG_5766


 IMG_5834 IMG_5844

IMG_5859 IMG_5862


IMG_5876  IMG_5878


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