Of an American digital nomad music therapist student at the University of Pretoria in Cape Town. So. Our au pair offered to take us to her witch doctor here. Naturally I jumped at the chance. Wouldn’t you? Then of course, when I mentioned this to two visiting friends from the States, one of whom we […]


It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes the work of government workers, TSA agents, baggage claim lost and found workers, and more to ship Kalli, Jacob, and Ryder to South Africa in one piece. It started with my ambivalence to commit. Yes, it should come as no surprise after 8 years […]


Am I in heaven? Really if I could close my eyes and conjure up what life after death entails, Amsterdam is almost IT. And I never even knew until I arrived… THE FOOD It’s fresh, it’s organic, it’s everywhere. It’s expensive, so often I just get one meal a day but it’s something to daydream […]


Central Asia, the final destination… In the last eight years, I’ve given a decent amount of time to as many areas of the world as possible, because I had the idea that within each area of the world, neighboring countries are somewhat similar. But I wanted to get an idea of what each area of […]


The guy next to me at the Mariah Carey concert “Let me tell you something about Africa. Nigeria will steal your money. South Africa, it’ll steal your life, just for the sake of a penny. But Benin? It’ll steal your soul.” This was in reference to the voodoo that’s the national religion of Benin-which I […]


No matter how much time you have here, it won’t be enough. Take a glimpse at what you can do and see in this paradise… 1. Tour UNESCO World Heritage site Robben Island. The reviews on TripAdvisor are unjustly harsh. I felt it was a special experience to see where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated. 2. […]


We spent about 4.5 months in Cusco, and sleuthed out as much kid-friendly things we could in this town of less than 500,000 people. Visiting Cusco with kids? Hope this helps! In no particular order:   Parque Infantil de Mariscal Gamarra The Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad Zoo The Park at the Hospital Regional […]


Every country has its things that I just don’t get, even the US. I’m looking at you, guns-in-purses toters and Rupert Murdoch defenders. Peru is no different, though I don’t have the added perspective of getting the values behind it like I do with the States. 5. Peruvian fitness competitions I don’t understand why there […]


Ryder had a party at his jardin. The parents were invited to share desserts. I invited neighbor L to come with us. He was cutely sitting with his friend Liam, but promptly started to cry when he saw me. And didn’t stop until he could leave with me. I wonder how much longer this stage […]


“Would you like to go to a wedding with me tomorrow?!” asked my neighbor, I will call her L, in Spanish. We only speak in Spanish. When we first arrived, I had absolutely no idea what she was chattering about. Now, after several months of lessons, I can get the gist pretty well. It was […]