We arrive at 1 am. I glance around for Jacob in customs… he’s not there. There’s free wifi, but you need a mobile to connect to it. Not knowing what else to do, I go to baggage claim to pick up the stroller. Ryder is exhausted, of course-it is almost 2 am. I shuttle back […]


And here comes the month of traveling…we flew for 16 hours to get from Beijing to Chicago to Atlanta for a dunk contest The Jump Manual is sponsoring. NYC for an internet marketing conference, Dallas for Kai’s wedding and potentially Kansas City for the Hillers are on the horizon. Sometimes at this rate traveling can […]


  Too big to post all together…     Chinese food   1. Has more variety than I ever dreamed. Its ranking on my previous post about world cuisines is rising even as Thai fell a little after visiting Thailand. Thai food has its red, green, yellow, penang, and massaman curries which are all to […]


           We actually haven’t visited the Great Wall yet in the typical sense of the term. We have, however, experienced two others. We have successfully scaled the first, but are stumped as to the other. 1. We have a proxy so we can access all websites which the government has chosen to block. […]