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I received this message earlier this week from a friend on Facebook and thought I’d share it:

Dear Kalli,

Long time. I hope you’d be aware of the flash floods in our country, which have been dubbed worse than the 2004 Tsunami by the U.N.

I’d highly appreciate if you can make a small donation for the flood victims in our area, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. I along with a few friends have been busy for the past three weeks in collecting relief goods/donations for those severely affected. The people were poor and downtrodden even before the disaster and now they’re in a more sorry state. An overwhelming majority of them are without food, drinking water, shelter and medical help. Your small contribution will make a lot of difference for those in suffering.

You can send your contribution through the Western Union, which’s quite easy, fast and efficient!

Kind regards


I donated through this website:

100% goes to relief efforts. There aren’t many charities out there that can say that. You can donate to the “emergency response” fund.

Kalli Hiller

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