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While the country of Mexico is not poor in comparison to the rest of the world, it is not a socialist country by any means. Its welfare system is underdeveloped and can’t reach everyone, so there are many people in very sad situations with little access to resources to help them. Once again, the Catholics […]

A sort of contrasting viewpoint from some of my other posts…I have to agree with a lot of it. Jacob and I wonder about our classifications of “developing.” Developing towards being like the US? Is that the ultimate goal? It makes me have to decide what is a right for every human. Is food and […]

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There are periods of time in which I seem to get a little blog-happy. This is apparently one of those times. But I had to do a post on one of the cooler ideas that I’ve seen for a nonprofit. I’ve been following their newsletters for a while. It’s called And I just found […] No, that’s not where we’re going next ;) hahaha I received this message earlier this week from a friend on Facebook and thought I’d share it: Dear Kalli, Long time. I hope you’d be aware of the flash floods in our country, which have been dubbed worse than the 2004 Tsunami by the U.N. […]


The longer I stay in India, the more I love the country, and the more sad I become. I love it more because I realize more and more the quality of these people. They are so generous, loving, and kind. They are friendly and surprisingly honest despite their poverty. Kolkata wishes to get rid of […]

For the first time, I got to see what a Bishop’s Storehouse looks like when Jacob and I volunteered there this week. Yet one more reason I am proud to be Mormon. It’s like the best non profit ever. The way it works is that struggling families can go to their bishop, or congregation leader, […]