What are you looking for?

Occasionally I am asked for advice on places to travel. The world is a huge and magnificent place and its diversity is what makes travel so rewarding. Therefore there is no one place–

No, I take that back.

There is one place I think everyone must visit in their lifetimes, and that is India. You may hate it, but you must go. It will change you– for the better.

But beyond that—depends on what you are looking for. I’ve had this post in my head for years. Finally I’m putting pen to paper:

Are you looking for Passion?

Then go to South America, where there is tango or salsa late into the night, where the women are considered the most beautiful in the world, where tempers run hot and short and where life is considered a party and where your lover is considered the be-all and end-all of existence…until they’re not and it’s on to the next. Where parties go late into the night, and colorful festivals or protests exist all year long. Latin America is, in Carol Tuttle’s language, type 3 energy- fire and drive.

night mex city

Mexico City doesn’t sleep

Are you looking to laugh?

Then go to Asia, where every kind of weird invention, every kind of bizarre food, every kind of quirk can be found that is unlike anywhere in the world. The people are light-hearted, warm, and kind, and the most unimaginable situations will keep you on your toes, where you either laugh or you cry, so why not laugh? And Asians understand that in laughter, there is actually deep wisdom. It’s a type 1 energy-childlike and light.



Are you looking for



Then  Antarctica will not disappoint. As you cruise around feeling like you are on Titanic in your fanciest apparel, you will wonder if in fact you will be sent to the Other World, but it is just a fleeting thought and the views out the window are hauntingly gorgeous.

lido deck

All you can eat breakfast and all you can see snowy mountains

Are you looking for peace?

Go to Oceania, Australia, New Zealand, the French islands. You will never have a moment of harassment, a second wasted on thoughts of terrorism, or crime. These places are safe, secure, easy going, calm. It’s the energy of water: smooth and flowing.

baby window tahiti

Tahiti landscape

Are you looking for history,

Architecture, and art?

Go to Europe, and observe every detail recorded from every known year, about every figure who ever made an impactful print on their soil on the future of our planet, from cathedrals to art to music. Every continent has history, yes, but no other continent has preserved it so well for posterity.

cinque terre

Cinque Terre, Italy

Are you looking for time?

Then go to Africa, where time is not linear but is circular, which ebbs and flows with no start or ending, which exists only in the moment, where paramount is the chance to develop relationship and connection. Where time for humankind in fact began.


Ethiopian ceremony

Are you looking for optimism?

Go to North America, where hope and fresh thinking are never abandoned, where the thought that a better life is around the corner if only one works hard enough, where opportunity is there to be seized, where once the other political party only gets back in power everything will improve, where despite any evidence to the contrary, people really believe it’s the best place to live on Earth.

mickey mouse


Where should you go? Well, what are you looking for?

Kalli Hiller

Article by Kalli Hiller

Kalli Hiller is a voluntary vagabond who, with her husband Jacob, has traveled full time for the last eight years.

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