Want to Travel Europe?

Dreaming of Europe?

Dream away…

It truly is a beautiful place.

It’s no secret I love Europe—we’ve probably traveled this continent more than any other outside of our own home continent. After all, it’s got more UNESCO world heritage sites than any other area its size in the world. It’s comfortable. It’s safe. It’s historical. It’s old. It’s easy to travel. There’s so much more I want to see of it.

dilapidated castle

Abandoned castle in Scotland

But here’s something I’ve slowly come to realize.

People put European culture up on a pedestal. They call it “high culture.”

As though European culture is superior.

I know that I didn’t want to travel to anywhere BUT Europe for the beginning part of our travels.

And only Western Europe at that.

But there’s so much more to the world than Europe.

SO much diversity.

I used to think opera was the highest form of music just because it was the most “cultured.”

Now, while I still enjoy opera, I don’t think of it as “the highest” but simply one of many forms of music to enjoy.

Or art…I love art from Europe but I love Guatemalan paintings equally as much. They are a different style and paintings from one will go for thousands of dollars and the other for just a few just because one culture is considered “higher” than the other. They’re just different. But they’re all enriching. They’re all fun to experience.

Go see Europe, but leave Western Europe and visit Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe too. The world is a magnificent place and the western world is just a small part of it. Go to Australia, but don’t stay. Get out of there and see Polynesia and Melanesia, too. These places are not culturally inferior. They deserve a spot on your “must see” list.

vanuatu blue lake

Efate, Vanuatu

Even if you’ve never heard of it.

Go to Qatar.

(I wasn’t interested and even though we had a layover I didn’t leave the airport.)

Go to Fiji.

(Again, figured it was nothing special and skipped it and went straight to New Zealand.)

Go to Kenya.

(We had a layover and I thought it was too dangerous. Come on, just for a day? I’d go now.)

Go to Macedonia.

(It’s not in the book 1000 places to See Before you Die so I wouldn’t have wanted to go if we hadn’t been invited by a family member. I would have missed out on a lot.)

macedonia couple

Macedonia, our first stop after beginning our nomadic lifestyle in Germany.

These are places with their own cuisine, their own music, their own language, their own history, their own religions, their own people. It’s not Western European. And that’s what makes it so wonderful. It’s different from what we know. And sometimes, we need to see what we do not normally see.

Travel to Europe. But leave Europe too.

Kalli Hiller

Article by Kalli Hiller

Kalli Hiller is a voluntary vagabond who, with her husband Jacob, has traveled full time for the last eight years.

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