Things Ryder Says: April 2017

On my stolen phone:

Mom, can we eat at the restaurant with the camel, where you got your phone stolen?

I didn’t get it stolen at the Indian restaurant in Cape Town, I got it stolen at the McDonalds in Chile [in December 2015].

I want to go back to the restaurant in Chile.


So I can go tell the girl give my mom back her phone! And she’ll say, OK.

On going to the gym:

I’m getting REEEAALLY faster!


By going to the gym.

You mean by sitting in kids club with the babysitters?


Ryder in tree

From Ryder’s teacher:

Dear Kalli and Jacob

Ryder is a happy boy who enjoys coming to school.

He enjoys to work with the broad stair, red rods, pink tower, and sand paper letters. Ryder loves to work in a group. His special friends are Chris and Monametsi.

He is quiet. He can express what he wants. He is best at language and he loves writing. He knows shapes, and can cut on the lines.

On Elithle:

To Elithle: You didn’t used to live with me when I was 1, or 2. But we were still friends even though we didn’t live together. Now you live with me.

Elithle: That’s sweet.

Elithe beach

On energy:

Mom, what is energy?

It’s …well, it’s how fast something moves. Like when you’re tired a lot, and move slowly, you have low energy.

You mean, like the way you were in Peru?


(Stunned at how well my child knows me even though he was only three years old and it’s now 1.5 years later)

On death:

“Mom, I don’t want you to get old. I still want to play sport [the card game of war].”

“I’ll just be in another room waiting for you…You can still talk to me and tell me about your day.”

“But you wouldn’t answer”

“But I will still be listening.

“I will always tell you I love you.”

“Good, because I will still love to hear it, even when I’m 100.”

“I will.”



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