2015 Highlights

Also Known as the Year Called:

Someone Please Save Me From Myself, I Am Out of Control



mickey mouse


Family vacay to Disneyland

samantha ryder

Samantha let Ryder open all of her bridal shower gifts

girls wedding samantha

Regan and Samantha’s Wedding

iva sarah

Reunion with best buds from Study Abroad. Where’s my baby?…He’s too big now.

Thai Rubys

Thai Ruby’s: Our original favorite restaurant in Provo


Planned a future griff with the Bohmans, Reunited for the first time since Spain road trip, and met their kids


I’ve now met with Bethaney in Christchurch, Sydney, and Orem

professor kelling

My favorite professor

Keller girls

Keller girls in Utah!

jared and sarah

Caught the Superbowl with Jared and Sarah, except I didn’t watch it at all







100 yen shops


Couchsurfing Japanese friends

hello kitty

Sanrio Puroland, Home to Hello Kitty


South Korea and North Korea


UNESCO World Heritage Site Tombs in Seoul


Friends from Mexico…Australia…and New Caledonia


Romin Jacob Ryder

Romin showed us around, introduced us to the best Korean food

north korea table

On that side of the table, you’re still in South Korea. On my side of the table…




Jacob and Fedor

Stalking Fedor Emelianenko, Jacob’s personal hero, in Harajuku



Hanging with Ryder’s BFF

tokyo art

Loved me some Grutto Pass, $20 for 70 attractions in Tokyo



Grandpa came to visit


Rick from Utah helped us ship our suitcase to China. Thanks Rick


Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, China



Ryder and I both tried tarantula (it was his idea)

tuol sleng survivor

Met the final two survivors of Tuol Sleng concentration camp (This caption is deceiving: Ryder is not one of them)

angkor wat

Angkor Wat!


Illegally tasty Vietnamese food


heather vietnam

Ran into a family we met in Ethiopia in Hanoi. She invited me over for dinner on Mother’s Day before I made the connection


Met up with Ryder’s friend Brooke and my friend Jackie from Japan in Hanoi

Vietnam natural scenery

Took a boat through this scenery: a smaller version of Ha Nang

ate flowers

These flowers were actually really tasty

Vietnam battles fought

Tour of Vietnam battlefields

traveling family vietnam

Met this traveling family in both Vietnam and Cambodia

food tour

Went on a food tour with an upset stomach with guide from our traveling families group

crocodile farm

Crocodile farm with a crowd of partying backpackers, me, Ryder, and about 5 bags of stuff


Immaculate Hong Kong gardens


Macau’s UNESCO World Heritage site Ruins of St Paul’s

malaysia friends

Traveling family friends Ashley and Colin in Malaysia!


Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore

beijing griff

International friends under one roof in Beijing!


Estonia, Latvia

medieval dinner

Tried a fantastic medieval restaurant in Riga

grafitti my name

The first time I ever saw my name in grafitti, it’s an Estonian name


Visited a haunted former Soviet prison


Had a traveling family, the Gourlays, come over for spaghetti! They said they hadn’t had a home cooked meal in practically years! Us poor permanent traveling folk

sensory deprivation

I surprised Jacob with a sensory deprivation experience called “floating”


Russia, Sweden, Finland, Germany, USA, Peru


Return to Heligenhaus. Friend Dussel is still there, but makes pizzas, not doners. Best pizza in the world shop is closed.


Got more of a flavor of Duesseldorf: Amazing art museums here


Ate reindeer meatballs in Helsinski


Visited theme park of Astrid Lingren of Pippi Longstocking fame


Nobel Prize Museum and a fantastic smorgasbord to follow in the fanciest restaurant in town


Gorge Russian church


Tchaikovsky’s grave

andrea and co

Andrea drove two hours to Chicago with four kids to see me. I had Chicago pizza and finally got to see downtown after flying in and out of the city so often.

great grandparents

Visiting family in Missouri


Met new members of business partner Brenton’s clan


Had Thai with my old soul sister

60th anniversary

Grandpa and Grandma Campbell’s 60th wedding anniversary

vanity airport

High school friend now real estate agent met us for Chili’s at the airport on the way to Peru


Petting llamas in Cocahuasi


Dancing wildly at a baby shower



Lima cathedral


The best ceviche


Resisted the dune buggies of Huacachina since Ryder was too young-but amazing sunsets nevertheless

seals in Paracas

Saw seals in Paracas

Nazca Lines

Saw the mysterious Nazca Lines from above

August-December Peru 


New friend from Lago de Atitlan and

camping for 7 nights in the middle of the Amazon-Ryder and I’s most daring escapade yet while Jacob had speaking engagements in Japan



Jacob entered three fitness competitions


Had a fellow traveling family Allens over for Thanksgiving leftovers


Took Spanish lessons from a tutor in her home. I learned to like tea, no sugar or milk, here because Cusco’s climate is so dry I had a cough frequently.


Attended Ryder’s school dance performance. He was in school every day from 9-1:30.


Hosted Regan and Samantha

 IMG_8108 IMG_8094

Dressed Ryder up as a lion and a skeleton for Halloween

 IMG_8006 IMG_8035

Made dinner for six backpacking couchsurfers


Finally made it to Macchu Picchu


Bolivia, Chile, Antarctica


Grandpa’s second visit of the year


Thanksgiving! with chicken. No pumpkin or cranberry sauce, we made do with arroz con leche and lima beans


Friends Burton and Becky came to visit. This is the only picture I have of that which kinda sums it up. We discovered Burton and I are 4th cousins


Crossed the border via Lake Titicaca

Christmas festival La Paz


Christmas festival La Paz and seeing the city from above



Laguna Colorada


Ryder backpacked with 20 somethings like nobody’s business through Uyuni salt flats


Lunar landscape of  Moon Valley in San Pedro de Atacama


FLSR friend meet up with Carina, Ryan and kids in Santiago, Chile


Santa Claus flew in to the cruise ship and gave Ryder a teddy bear


UNESCO world heritage site of yellow wooden church in Castro, Chile


parque tierra del fuego

Tierra del Fuego National Park and Ushuaia “The End of the World”


Celebrated New Year’s Eve with this group of rascals on the cruise

antarctica first

Rung in the New Year looking at sheets of ice in Antarctica, our final continent to visit.

The 7th Continent Complete After 7 Years of Full Time Travel!

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