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night mex city

Occasionally I am asked for advice on places to travel. The world is a huge and magnificent place and its diversity is what makes travel so rewarding. Therefore there is no one place– No, I take that back. There is one place I think everyone must visit in their lifetimes, and that is India. You […]

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We did a podcast interview,  with Amy from Nomadtopia; however, some questions we didn’t have time for so I’ll type them up here. What does your Nomadtopia look like? My ideal lifestyle is one in which I could have a base but easily travel to other countries when I felt like dropping everything and […]


Life for us now is very different, living in one place, in South Africa, while I have internships and classes and Jacob is doing film extra castings and trying out an app idea for South African clubs and Ryder is attending the same school he went to the last time we were here but with […]

Ryder in tree

On my stolen phone: Mom, can we eat at the restaurant with the camel, where you got your phone stolen? I didn’t get it stolen at the Indian restaurant in Cape Town, I got it stolen at the McDonalds in Chile [in December 2015]. I want to go back to the restaurant in Chile. Why? […]


Why haven’t I written about Ryder for a year? I don’t know. For a while I gave monthly updates. Once the baby stage is over, the milestones aren’t as apparent. And so it goes. And time races on. Here’s an overview of what the last year was like for this third culture kid. He and […]

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I don’t want half the year to go by before I have a chance to take a moment to think over the year. Consider this our Christmas card of sorts. Check out my month-to-month countries visited, best moments, what was going down, and what I was reading. Looking back over this year, I feel like […]

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It’s time for the new annual rankings, with 10 new countries to add. It’s been an incredible year of highs and lows- three new spots in the top 10 with South Africa, Antarctica, and the Netherlands- and four in the bottom 10 with Belgium, Uruguay, Chile, and the Falkland Islands. I ranked the countries based […]

mickey mouse

Also Known as the Year Called: Someone Please Save Me From Myself, I Am Out of Control January USA   Family vacay to Disneyland Samantha let Ryder open all of her bridal shower gifts Regan and Samantha’s Wedding Reunion with best buds from Study Abroad. Where’s my baby?…He’s too big now. Thai Ruby’s: Our original […]


  1) The hardest part was that my grandma died. We were amazingly blessed to be in town when she passed, and we were able to say goodbye to her. I was just surprised at how tongue-tied I was, how I was unprepared to say goodbye even knowing it was time, how it felt surreal. […]

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2014 has been a little out of control. We rocked through 17  countries, 9 of which I’d visited previously, all in the name of wanting to start settling down more. This lifestyle seems to be tough to quit. January Jacob and I went snow tubing. We spent some time with friends and family before we […]