Second Impressions of Buenos Aires


It was COMPLETELY different this time around.


Last time in 2009 the following happened:

1- An attempted mugging on first day,

2- We lived in Congreso which is a dirty and dark area of town.

3-The food seemed to be for the most part very bland.


This time around we stayed in Almagro, a different neighborhood. People were so kind, they helped me with my stroller EVERY SINGLE TIME I got on and off public transportation. How did everyone get the memo to help a mom with a stroller?


And I loved the cafe culture where you can sit with a drink and use the ubiquitous internet for hours!


 This particular cafe was my favorite because it had a kids toy room.


I felt extremely safe and saw plenty of women walking around after dark alone.


It’s not a Buenos Aires experience unless

~You see the drummers in the “lungs” of BA- Bosques de Palermo


The Planetarium

~You witness a street protest

~You watch an impromptu tango dance or electronic house music outside as the case may be


Ryder joined in the dance party

~You experience power outages

~You eat at the chain Kentucky’s Pizza. Mozzarrella and rucula is the best

~You get dripped on walking down the street from the air conditioning

~You step in dog poop all over the sidewalks

~You go to an asado-basically a nothing-but-meat barbecue- with friends

~You buy some mate.

~You go to the world’s first religious theme park, Tierra Santa.


We didn’t see the resurrection because it was “too windy” Next time.


I have often spoken about how I didn’t see why Buenos Aires is talked up like it is. Now I get it! When forming an opinion of a place, WHERE you live in the city can be JUST AS important as the city itself!

Kalli Hiller

Article by Kalli Hiller

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