It was COMPLETELY different this time around.   Last time in 2009 the following happened: 1- An attempted mugging on first day, 2- We lived in Congreso which is a dirty and dark area of town. 3-The food seemed to be for the most part very bland.   This time around we stayed in […]

A video from our trip to Iguazu falls.

Buenos Aires, not San Salvador, turned out to be the right choice seeing as El Sal was devastated by a tropical storm, mudslides, and flooding. Thankfully our friends are all right! Food Parillas, pizzarias, and confeterias. If you don’t like steak, pizza, or coffee, Argentina doesn’t have much more to offer. They like meat. Beef […]

The Casa Rosada, of Evita speech fame   As much as I dished on Morocco, I’ll give you one thing: it was exotic. No place like it. I’m really glad, looking back, that we were able to go there, although the side effects (food poisoning, no air conditioning, roaches etc) were distracting, the atmosphere was […]