It was time to leave Kruger National Park and I was ready. Six nights of sleeping in a tent. Six nights of shoveling cough drops methodically into my mouth and counting down the minutes until the sun came up. We’d decided the night before to arrange a doctor for Ryder. He had a fever. I […]


Riding Kampala Coach bus service into Uganda It was in Church in Uganda that I had my realization about Africa. The lady next to me in the Kampala Kololo Relief Society said this: “We Africans are lazy! And God knows this about us. A long time ago I went to Europe. And I looked at […]


So I have to admit: Since coming to Uganda I have felt homesick. Can I indulge in some things I am missing? ~Libraries. I know I have a Kindle, but I miss exploring the shelves and flipping through books and smelling the pages and seeing the typefaces. I miss library computers where I can look […]