Welcome!  We’re the Hiller family. There’s three of us.We are a permanently traveling family who have lived on six different continents and thirty different countries for the last five years while living out of two suitcases and working with our laptops. We even had our baby while traveling–in Mexico City. We’re the craziest normal folks you’ll ever meet (or is it the most normal crazy folks?)

Read on to learn more about us…


nomadic baby

Jacob is the die-hard entrepreneur of the family. He’s the creator of several digital products including The Jump Manual.  Current interests are: HDR photography and pho.

Kalli is the planner of the family. She’s the one who obsessively stews over every detail of their trip and normally chooses where they go and where they stay. Current interests are: Baby stages and Crunchie bars (New Zealand specialty).

Ryder is the newest addition. He was born in June 2012. Current interests are: learning how to be a full-fledged human, and milk.



Our story began at the foreign language housing at university in the States.

Jacob was learning Spanish and Kalli was learning German. Below is a picture of our second date–a country-themed Homecoming.

Here is the story of how we got together. After a year and a half courtship, we got married in April 2008.  When Kalli graduated in August we had still not decided what we wanted to do next.

We found ourselves sitting in our apartment with our lease expired and still with no idea where to live. At the time Jacob was trying to get his internet business, The Jump Manual, off the ground, while working full time in sales. Kalli was working as a piano teacher.

Me and the olWe rented a Penske van  without an idea of where we were going. As we dumped our possessions in trash bags and threw them in the van Jacob made the decision: We would go to live with his parents in Missouri for a couple of months so he could focus on the business and Kalli could get to know his family.

In Missouri Jacob continued to build the business while Kalli applied for jobs online.  She was offered an editing job in Germany and a teaching job in China. She asked Jacob which he preferred. He’d always wanted to learn German so his vote was clear. The next thing we knew we were on a plane to Frankfurt.

The job was awful.
Kalli only lasted five weeks. We thought maybe our expat dream might have been a mistake. Before heading back to the States we decided to go to Macedonia to visit Jacob’s brother for Christmas…then Israel to visit a friend….and then Turkey.  At that point the Jump Manual really started to take off financially.  We continued to travel then, because we were excited and enjoying ourselves, from Turkey to Greece to England and back to Germany, to Morocco, Spain, and Argentina in 2009.  India, China, Thailand, Ghana, and Italy were visited in 2010. 2011 we returned to India to attend a wedding, then we were off to Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Guadeloupe.


In Guadeloupe we found out we were expecting. Kalli was terrified she’d have to give up traveling because everyone told her,

“Do it now before the kids because you won’t be able to do it once you have them.” 

We moved to Mexico because we wanted the baby to have dual citizenship. He was born in a hospital in Mexico City and we were in love with him immediately.  


Once Ryder made his appearance, Kalli’s fears dissipated because it became clear that he was portable. In fact, it seems he was made for the nomadic existence. As soon as Ryder got his passport, we made the rounds through the US, including NYC, Texas, Iowa, Missouri, Utah, and California (Hollywood, pictured left) to introduce him to family. We are currently traveling in the South Pacific (New Zealand, Tahiti, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Australia so far) and love to meet new people so give us a shout if you’re in the area.

We are planning to continue this lifestyle indefinitely. Please join us in our exploration of the world. The easiest way to do this would be to like us on Facebook

Whether you are interested in starting an online business, traveling with or without children, or just being armchair travelers, we hope this website can inspire and motivate you to live your dreams. 

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